Microsoft will give teams the new development have free development full


During the exhibition, shopping and entertainment e-E3 2018, which was held last week in Los Angeles, confirmed Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and games Windows has Microsoft that the company has acquired several development teams new under the wing of Microsoft Studios, and is Undead Labs responsible for the game survive State of Decay, and Playground Games developers racing game Forza Horizon, Ninja Theory and the developer of Hellblade, in addition to Compulsion Games, the development team completely new to The Initiative, which opened in Santa Monica.

Microsoft faced the risk of the players and stressed that it would not impose direct its own prosecution of games development teams, and give her the choice if she wanted these studios work on the games individually or the stories in full, even if this without a partial game beauty in any form. This permit represents a change in approach to Microsoft’s policy, which seems completely serious in her rival to both Sony and Nintendo on the gaming market.

Recall that Microsoft has confirmed it is working on Xbox new generation, which is rumored to be codenamed is Scarlett, and that the outline of the chest in 2020.

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