Microsoft will continue to support Skype 7.0 Classic on November 1

مايكروسوفت ستوقف دعم سكايب 7.0 الكلاسيكي في 1 نوفمبر

Microsoft launched the We updated of Skype 8.0 new body re-design it differently than the classic system, which followed him for years, to be the reaction of the users are negative about the new version due to their many problems in dealing with the tools and even the scope of the new knowledge, pushing the company’s respect for the traditional more time to meet the wishes of the users.

Today Microsoft announced that they will continue to support Skype 7.0 on the first of November to the proportion of the desktop, while Will women own tablets and phones in the fifteenth of the same month, the company invited users to transition to the updated app via her blog in advance before the suspension of its services Skype Classic, to avoid any interruption of service in case of failure to update.

And it seems that the decision of the company, depending on the version of Skype 8.0 came after many changes and adjustments on tools and one updated version, according to reviews of users, which are satisfied with them which prompted the police today to set an appointment to say goodbye to Skype 7.0.

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