Microsoft will bring the advantage of reverse phone to computer Windows 10 for devices

Your Phone

Microsoft began in the test application to Your Phone that works unlike the screens of Android phones, and on computers of Windows 10 earlier this year. This app can users run Android apps their own on their personal computers through a smart phone proposal. This app was available for a limited number of devices initially, but Microsoft decided to now bring this app to more devices.

Becoming mirroring the phone screen on computer Windows 10 is supported on a small number of additional devices, including Galaxy S10 Series and the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. Phones OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are also in the list.

Microsoft has also updated the application to Your Phone to support push notifications phones. The app is now called Thanks to the new update introduced the notifications of phone on Windows 10. Thus, this allows users to view incoming notifications to your phone in real time, and access to all notices of their phones in one place, and customize the notifications they want to receive, and clear the notifications individually or all at once.

For this to work, the users will need to a smart phone running Android Nougat or higher, and 1GB of RAM at least. As for the computer, it should work for 1803 of Windows 10 at least, this is not a trial version, so the scope of this feature is unlimited.


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