Microsoft wants to transform Cortana into skills on the digital assistant Alexa

Cortana Android

Was digital assistant Cortana existed long ago. In fact, this digital assistant was present for a longer period of the digital assistant Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon, but after that the dominance of Alexa on scene quickly, I’m convinced Microsoft is apparently the fact that they won’t change it, so I decided to join him, at least that’s what hinted to Microsoft CEO, Mr. Satya Nadella in a report from the website Business Insider.

According to Mr. Satya Nadella, has stated by saying : ” Would it be better, for example to make the Cortana is a valuable skill for anyone who uses the Alexa for? Or should we try to compete with Alexa in? We decided, quite frankly, to say with the first option because Cortana should be this important to each person shared in the Microsoft Office 365 “.

He added : ” You should also be able to use Cortana on Google Assistant. You should be able to use it on the Alexa, just as they use our applications on Android or iOS. This is what we want to get to at least “. Suggestion Satya Nadella hints at the strategy that will be implemented by the company Microsoft now to continue the competition.

In the past, the company has tried to compete with system Android and iOS with Windows Phone, while it was its own system possesses its own advantages, but that he was unable to earn the approval of users. In recent years, Microsoft decided to create its own app for both iOS and Android, integrating their own programmes and services in these systems instead.


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