Microsoft wants to revive the PDA via Andromeda

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مايكروسوفت تريد إعادة إحياء أجهزة PDA عبر أندروميدا

You want a company Microsoft is reviving organs of the PDA, or PDA that provides the functionality to the computer via a small device size adjustable weight in the pocket, instead of the aid of the digital virtual working by artificial intelligence like cortana will be, where the company operates for at least two years to develop a Andromeda Andromeda, a folding apparatus with two screens supposed to be subservient to the family of Surface devices.

Featured internal documents leaked in the month of June to describe a new device The size of a small subject of time within the pocket followed the and Surface, so that this machine combines the experiences of the hardware and software of the new innovative in order to create a computing experience personal multiple uses, and works on blurring the lines between what is considered a computer and portable device, with a Release date not specified 2018.

Was detected in the month of February 2017 for the first time about the name Andromeda Andromeda by account WalkingCat, through the Code of your Windows Composable Shell, as the back more support to the operating system of the Andromeda OS and Andromeda general this system operating within the code and software Operating System Windows 10.

And guessing based on hints Panos panay Panos Panay, head of Surface devices within Microsoft to a possible partnership with LG Display to develop display cases, personal mini likely, as it also assumes that the device includes the processor core ARM instead of x86 processors traditional.

Sources close to Microsoft that they choose a partner of the Snapdragon 1000 coming from Qualcomm’s embedded CPU cores ARM Cortex-A76, with support for up to 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

The patent posted earlier is a good idea for a physical design most likely which will get your Andromeda, where he describes the hinges are flexible and fitted with mechanism to allow it to rotate and collect a pair of screens to configure a laptop or tablet device.

It seems that Microsoft is planning to use the second screen as a keyboard, which may not be a comfortable choice especially if you have a lot of the business that you need to write, where the process of typing without physical keys occur uncomfortable in terms of accuracy and speed.

Devices were personal digital assistants primary such as the Psion Series 3 and Apple Newton, is trying to provide data storage capacity and communication features for the PC is a laptop, but they failed with the development of smart phones, which adopted its development in part to devices, personal digital assistants, and Internet networks portable high-speed.

The main problem now is that the screens of smart phones are not practical when it comes to complete the work during development, especially if there is a need to write dramatically, whereas tablet devices, once paired with the keys, more convenient.

Helped computers mini-business to keep track of communications during development, but these features are suitable now via smart phones, making users devices personal digital assistants limited to software developers, specialists in communication and journalists or anyone who wishes to work during the development and needs more features than smart phones can offer.

A group of companies exploring the future of the PDA, where Samsung is working on the development of smart phones folding, the company also owns the British emerging specialized in the manufacture of computers, Planet Computers, the PDA recently in the market carrying the name Gemini PDA, a folding apparatus with a physical QWERTY keyboard full and Android OS and Linux and 10 cores CPU ARM touch screen 5.7-inch.

Says the CEO of Planet Computers, the needs of users of the PDA are far different than the needs of users of information technology, since 20 or 30 years, where we live in a world where we need always to respond to emails and work during the development, there are more people who want to create content rather than just its consumption, so that is the PDA conversation is a tool that enables them to do so.

Should be on your personal digital assistant the modern from a design perspective to be small enough to carry and big enough to be useful, which means the need for developers to rethink design of applications, so that access to new innovations need to companies able to put a prototype in the market and risk the possibility of failure, the success or failure of your Gemini PDA proof of this concept realistically.

The company said the shipment of nearly 6 thousands device since February, with the recent opened the door to receive new requests, and user feedback is positive with the availability of common features such as a keyboard and long battery and put it in the pocket, where people want to be able to use such a device and access its functionality at any time without the hassles, and the user requests a backlit keyboard and an external display of a second fingerprint reader and NFC.

And download Microsoft keep plans to launch a Andromeda Secret, despite the existence of many of the evidence relating to this device from patents, instructions, software, and more recently to support the operating system Andromeda won’t be in the next major update for the operating system Windows 10, which carries the code name Redstone 5.

Sources have previously indicated that the device might have fallen victim to the process of internal reorganization after the departure of Terry myerson Terry Myerson, and that there is even now a compelling reason to enter Microsoft into this market, and at the same time, the company has released just a new tablet, the low cost allows the Surface Go, a tablet size of 10 inches with an optional keyboard and pen Surface.

It should be noted that Andromeda is not the first device a Dual Screen, Microsoft has created a prototype during recent years, where it was planned to launch the device to the Microsoft Courier, which was canceled in 2010, it was supposed to be a computer, mini Dual Screen, as it is abolished in 2014 the development of the Surface Mini folding screen measuring 7 inches.

Gemini PDA
Gemini PDA

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