Microsoft unveils breakthrough led to installation of data some users of outlook

مايكروسوفت تكشف عن اختراق أدى لتسريب بيانات بعض مستخدمي أوت لوك

Microsoft unveiled today the process of penetrating target accounts of the service users by e-mail outlook.Pile, and began to send notifications development for people who have fallen into the trap of piracy which allow as I explained the company to external parties not authorized to have access to data about users including email address and the names of the folders in the account as well as the headings of the external electronic messages exchanged with diversification to their inability to read the content of messages.

As the company that back to the hack hit the customer support service by e-mail on the web in the beginning of the year where the event took place between 1 January to 28 March, she said that the breached data did not include any personal information other than that have been mentioned as it is not access passwords, users own those accounts.

They recommended that users victims via private messages to reset the new password to avoid any problems that may ensue on the hack in the future to increase the tranquility, the user of this also, and did not remember the company the number of accounts that have suffered from the problem as it did not specify a particular geographical area in the message.

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