Microsoft taught chat bot to write poetry

Recently neural networks have learned quite well to communicate with human beings and machine leading meaningful dialogue is no surprise, however, experts from the research division of Microsoft Research in Beijing to teach your chat bot very interesting trick: he can write poetry, based on several pictures shown.

Bot-poet is called Xiaoice and have long been used in Chinese microblogging service Weibo. If before the bot could engage in dialogue and to recognize images (and recently completely learned to respond practically without delay), but now Microsoft has taught him to interpret what he saw and the best option for this was, oddly enough, poetry. To implement the idea inside Xiaoice was created a neural network consisting of two parts: the first recognizes the image and the objects located on it, subsequently generating verse. And the second acts as a critic. If the second part of the verse like it, and outputs the final result. If not, it makes the first “think again” and to present another option. This is so as long as the version of the verse are not satisfied with the “criticism”.

At the moment, according to eyewitnesses, the chat-bot are pretty good versification. Now Xiaoice more than 200 million users from the Asian region. And with all the advantages of a chat bot is, it has one “flaw”: while Xiaoice works only in Chinese and it is not clear whether there is a bot-the poet outside of the Asian region.

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