Microsoft Surface Pen new design and less expensive for students

Microsoft unveiled about the new version of the Surface Pen comes with a premium design and lower price for students in particular, but available for sale to educational institutions only entitled Classroom Pen price of $ 40.

new Surface Pen

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Specialty major manufacturers of computers some versions that target students educational purposes long ago, and it was the beginning for this category of devices with the launch of the Google operating system Chromebook which already spread in many educational institutions now.

The case is no different with software giant Microsoft that allocate a lot of their versions in the recent period for students and educational institutions, in the context of Microsoft’s policy to improve the spreading of its educational equipment Windows 10 tutorials that start from the pricing of $ 189.

Devices include Windows 10 educational number 7 of the devices disclosed during a conference for Microsoft comes from two laptops convertible 2-in-1, which is provided through the Acer and Lenovo, along with the issuance of the last of the Dell at the level of the pricing of $ 300.

Among the announcements Microsoft educational hardware came the announcement, also from the Pen stylus new بClassroom Pen, which comes with special design to support the students of classes kindergarten to advanced classes, to support educational institutions that use Surface devices Go.

The Surface Go one of the tablet devices provided by Microsoft at a price of $ 399, where as Windows 10 devices with reasonable pricing, and you can also buy the keyboard separately at a price of $ 130, a Pen Surface Pen is priced at $ 100.

It is scheduled to come in the new version of pencil Classroom Pen reserved for students at a price of $ 40, where the redesigned Surface Pen original features new design more power and larger size, also comes a pen with two buttons that support the feature, quick scan, or supports the user functions available when you click on the right button in the mouse for example.

The design of the pen also supports replacement the end of the pen to settle down for the longest time, as it comes a girl to connect pen devices to avoid the loss, is scheduled to begin shipping pens in the month of February in the integrated set with 20 Pen priced at $ 800, almost, where provided for educational institutions in particular.


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