Microsoft stopped work on plans to support Xbox offer virtual reality

مايكروسوفت توقف العمل على خطط دعم Xbox لتقنية الواقع الافتراضي

The Director of the marketing department of the Games at Microsoft that his company does not have any plans for the development and support of virtual reality technology in the Xbox in the coming period, in spite of its quest to support the technical on computers.

Microsoft is working continuously on the development of virtual reality technologies enhanced, so they have a system of their own with virtual reality technology and system development, while working to provide live content on the techniques of reality TV and the computer, only to work on the development of the same thing for Xbox much less.

The head of the games section in the company’s Phil Spencer has talked two years ago about the capacity of the company to support the techniques of reality on the gaming devices, but it was just excitement plus time, which did not show any results until now said Executive Director to banish conversations about support techniques soon.

On the other side, the Sony seems to be the most versatile in the field of gaming, to submit your PS4 system Pro booster to provide virtual reality two years ago to provide a Play Experience perfect for the users.

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