Microsoft start preview broadcast platform games from the Xbox to the devices landed

Supports Microsoft soon to the users of the phones and landed with a broadcast Xbox games, for to compatible phones Andorid devices with the specific criteria of the software giant.

The company launched the Microsoft platform Xbox broadcast the games that allows to broadcast your Xbox One games on devices landed, where the company began in the preview of the new feature now.

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Are available broadcast platform games now in the Insider in the United Kingdom or the United States through the Alpha, also requires the work platform to broadcast games alone control arm in the wireless gaming from the Xbox One that supports connection via Bluetooth, and then the user can experience the Xbox One games phones landed.

And Microsoft To Release Preview version in the episode I Insider special to other regions later, as supports now broadcast a specific set of games for the Xbox One, where it is expected to be available in the first Xbox games and Xbox 360 classic.


I know of

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