Microsoft says that the machined Surface is here to stay


Like many companies, Microsoft has create many products and services over the past years. Some of these organizations succeeded in winning a wad of hundreds of millions of users, while the others have failed in that like Windows Phone Banking for smart phones. However, if there is one series of devices looks like Microsoft is confident about it, they are smooth Surface.

During his interview with the newspaper The Independent, revealed the head of hardware division at Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Panos Panay that the section of the Microsoft Surface is here to stay. When asked whether the machined Surface will remain for a long time, replied Mr. Panos Panay in the affirmative and so declared by saying ” Yes, 100 percent, without hesitation. I think that if you asked me five years ago, I’ll tell you that we still learn. We’re still trying to figure out what you must do to the hardware to bring the software to life. But it is now no longer an essential part only of the strategy “.

Starting lineup Surface initially shaped tablet, some believe it will kill the iPad from Apple, but has expanded this line since then to include other devices such as laptops, desktop computers and headphones, but this does not necessarily mean that Microsoft will continue the diversity of the machined Surface here.

According to Panos Panay, has stated by saying : ” Are we complete people’s experiences at work and home? The answer is yes. You will see the hardware of new designs she can do it or need to do this? The answer is definitely. This is how they sort things out with the kind. And for me, helps work and home life, whether the device is in the home kitchen or Home Office or at your work desk or on your body. They are coming with. So, you will see more products that focus on the place that would be where our customers “.

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