Microsoft says that its service cloud xCloud will be able to run 3,500 a game with

مايكروسوفت تقول أن خدمتها السحابية xCloud ستتمكن من تشغيل 3,500 لعبة معًا

Waiting for the lovers of games more information about the services Microsoft’s cloud xCloud which will provide the advantages of playing directly on the network without having to install the games on the devices, and while the police didn’t know the official date of the launch in general but it revealed more information about her.

Microsoft says that the service xCloud will have the ability to run 3,500 with at the same time without the need for any modifications from the developers which means the super abilities of the service, and that it comes to the possibilities of a big company in the cloud services thanks to its service are “Azure”, which will help in running the broadcast service games through servers in 13 different area between North America, Europe, and Asia.

And developers can run their games via the cloud service with ease through simple ways to verify the installation method on machines to provide the service cloud, companies have started large in the development of games such as Capcom وParadox test this service before the official launch.

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