Microsoft reveals Surface Hub 2S $ 85-inch

Microsoft revealed about the military, the developer of the need and the interactive desktop of the massive Surface Hub 2S a year after launching version Surface Hub 2 and a value of greater the price of the most expensive.

Will be available screen interactive new price, the first of which is 50 inches by the dimensions of 3:2, while the second is 85 inches and the dimensions of 16:9. Both come neatly miss the 4K with a camera that can record video and make video calls 4K with eight microphones to capture the best images.

Can collect up to 4 screens with some aspect of the 50-inch to be screen one huge widescreen, the screen 85-inch they are companies that care about the size of the largest overall, and not just work.

Will be available screen of the measurement little for purchase starting from next June at a price of 9 thousand dollars, while large will be available in the next year, without specifying an exact date and price tag. You can get an external battery at the price of $ 1400 to be able to move the screen with you to any room in the company without the need of electric current for several hours.

It is expected that the development of Microsoft this screen the next year with a brand new release called Surface Hub 2X features specifications technical improved from the inside as memory random precision cameras, etc., and even from abroad such as the possibilities of the destruction.

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