Microsoft reveal Surface Pro X with processor Surface SQ1 from Qualcomm

Microsoft unveiled the newest mutant to the all-new Surface Pro X with Qualcomm processor, the new Surface SQ1.

مايكروسوفت تكشف عن Surface Pro X مع معالج Surface SQ1 من كوالكوم

This time, it was Microsoft’s wish to provide the greatest number of options for users by expanding the circle of its devices for many fields, after the organs of the surface normal, the company decided to launch the Surface Pro X Spartan which comes with a processor based on architecture ARM of Qualcomm instead of Intel processors.

And brings the device with the processor Surface SQ1 from Qualcomm and the first of its kind with a watered-down version of the Windows 10 operating system for its implementation.

The device also comes with a screen measuring 13 inches and PixelSense with the clarity of 2,880 x 1,920 pixels, the densities of 267 for each pixel, it also comes with the edges thin and the design of the nearest tablet and Surface Pro 7, the thickness in the structure not related to 5.3 mm.

Speaking more about the advantages of the device, it supports the communication technologies of the fourth generation 4G, and my selfie camera front 4K, next to the pen is smart and dedicated to keeping the pen in the introduction to the keyboard.

The device supports USB port C with fast charging technology and brings with it a battery that lasts even a full day, according to the Microsoft Corporation.

According to what the police said in its conference, the device works strongly 7 watts, with efficiency 3 times higher per watt with SurfacePro6.

It should be noted that the device will be available for pre-order today for$ 999, is that up to users on the fifth of November next.



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