Microsoft reveal Surface Laptop 3, Full Metal

Microsoft announced at its conference devices Service today announced the launch of Surface Laptop 3 that comes with several options and metal frame complete.

مايكروسوفت تكشف عن جهاز Surface Laptop 3 بهيكل معدني كامل

Started the Microsoft Corporation Annual Conference to reveal the latest devices service detects the Laptop Surface Laptop 3 which comes with a full metal body, the options between the Intel processors Generation X of recent, or AMD processors Ryzen, in the step of the company to further attract the audience towards their organs and provide more options for them.

The device comes in two versions with a screen price of two different; they are 15 inch and 13.5 inches, it also comes with a touch-panel largest of about 20%.

Of course, the user will be able to choose between Intel processors Generation X or AMD processors Ryzen competition, besides, will be available to the user several choices of memory type LPDDR4x and up to 32 GB, in addition to the storage capacity of type SSD of up to 1 Terra byte.

The new thing in this generation, it add USB ports C which helps to transfer data fast charging for connected devices.

In addition, the company added a fast charging feature of the device, so that the sharpening from 0 to 80% within an hour of the time.

The company also says, that the battery on your Surface Laptop 3 can last even 24 hours from the normal use of the device.

And speaking of price, it starts from$ 999 version 13.5-inch, 1,199$ to 15 inches.



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