Microsoft provide the browser by the edge barrier of the built-in ads on Android and iOS

مايكروسوفت تُزوّد متصفّحها إيدج بحاجز إعلانات مُدمج على أندرويد و iOS

Microsoft announced today that it is building an ad blocker the powerful Adblock Plus directly in the browser, edge “Edge” of its own operating systems for Android and iOS, the company began to provide this support for users of the trial version of the Android platform last week, along with the test program on the other system and iOS.

Also will be putting the water more widely to all users soon, a professional in the subject that can enable Adblock in Settings the Microsoft Edge, and does not require any additional function separate download and install.

Be this step is very important through:

That the company has clashed with Adblock Plus to build this functionality directly in the browser, where they revealed Google earlier about blocking ads in Chrome for Android, but explicitly not as powerful as Adblock Plus is not blocking most ads on most sites, as it includes the Firefox web browser model ad-blocking built-in, but it is only activated during the session tab, as well as that there should be the option to install add-ons Adblock users Samsung browser in Android.

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