Microsoft prepare Windows system for hardware folding hardware dual screen

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You may start to see the devices folding increasingly of this year. I have already been launch the smartphone FlexPai, and Samsung’s turn to launch its smartphone folding the first in the near future, we can expect other companies to do the same thing in the future. According to a new report released today, it appears that Microsoft continue to support this new type of devices. It is estimated that the company is now working to make Windows compatible with devices folding.

This does not mean that smart phones collapsible equipped with the windows will soon arrive. However, I have heard the location of The Verge of his own sources that Microsoft is planning to do investments in large-screen devices double devices, foldable for Windows and for the machined Surface as well. These include efforts to make Windows able to work on hardware folding hardware and dual screen.

It is reported that the company Microsoft has a dedicated team working on this task. It should be noted that this is not the first time that we hear something like this. It was speculated in the past that Microsoft was working on a retractable carrying the code name ” Andromeda “. May Microsoft is working intensively with partners and manufacturers to support hardware folding hardware dual screen forward.

It will be interesting to definitely know the type of devices that manufacturers can created to allow users to enjoy hardware-folding with Windows. Generally, likely to hear more about these efforts later this year.


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