Microsoft patented a new device negotiable wear

This topic Microsoft has patented a new hardware removable wear appeared on Engadget.

Patent for a new invention of the software giant Microsoft is in the wearable devices have been recorded recently, where he designed new bracelet to support Parkinson’s patients.

Microsoft- patents -wearable -device

Microsoft hasn’t provided a new version of the hardware bracelet smart disposable wearable computing devices since the launch of the company Band 2 during the year 2015, except that the patented new police indicate that Microsoft has not yet out of the market for wearable devices or bracelet smart.

Has spotted a patent Microsoft file titled WEARABLE DEVICE ahead of the company in 2017, and then was posted to file the patent through the USPTO, where a patent application by the details are unclear except that the features of the first to suggest that Microsoft has a new technology.

It is estimated according to a patent Microsoft has to guarantee the device range of the motor can be adjusted its position in the bracelet, where integration with the bite sensor of specialized, as indicated by the design of this device is possibility to support users who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, or other conditions similar to it.

Also expected that this device supports user battery characteristic age recharge throughout the day, also supports connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks, the conjugations of smartphone applications, so we expect to disclose any new details about the patent Microsoft or launch this device on the ground.


This topic Microsoft has patented a new hardware removable wear appeared on Engadget.

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