Microsoft officially announced the platform Xbox One S All-Digital but reader tablets

The company announced Microsoft on Tuesday, after a number of leaks, the officially unveiled the new version of gaming platform affiliate “Xbox One S” Xbox One S, which the current version it does not include a reader for tablets laser.

She said the software giant of America in the publication on her blog that the platform Xbox One S All-Digital will put up for sale as of May 7/ May next at a price of 249$, which will be available to the side of the House present: the Xbox One S, Xbox One X.

And features platform Xbox One S All-Digital as can for Reader CD-ROM, what means a reduction of the price of the product by about $ 50 compared to Xbox One S current.

As the leak revealed earlier, the product will include a disk storage HDD capacity of 1 TB, and technical support: 4K and HDR. By eliminating the reader drive laser, this means that the product will be based entirely on the games area of the internet, as the sole source for games, with 3 games comes with the product status previously, a Minecraft, and a Sea Of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

In the case of the user’s desire to get more games, you have to buy it from the Microsoft Store the Microsoft Store, or from the service, “Xbox Jim as the Ultimate” Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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And Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which was announced in conjunction with the new product and integrate between services two, they are: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, to access more than 100 games for about $ 15 per month.

Said Jeff Gates, general manager of marketing platforms and devices at Microsoft: “the version of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is $ 50 dollars for the Xbox One S we expect to maintain this difference in price, at least between producers”.

مايكروسوفت تعلن رسميًا عن منصة Xbox One S All-Digital بلا قارئ أقراصMicrosoft officially announced the platform Xbox One S All-Digital but reader tablets

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