Microsoft now provides the possibility to test the new version of the browser Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Confirmed to us by Microsoft a few months ago. she works on the development version of the browser Microsoft Edge Your used engine Chromium, a subsidiary of Google instead of the engine HTMLEdge of the company. More recently, the company announced that this version of the browser Microsoft Edge became officially available for the test with the knowledge that this is a BETA version available for developers you’ll get updates daily or weekly as it will to other changes in the future.

The beta version of the browser Microsoft Edge, which is based on the web engine Chromium are now available for download on the Microsoft Edge Insider new. This is a trial version dedicated to developers so that they can get an idea about the amount of changes that would have the browser Microsoft Edge.

Focus the first beta version of the browser Microsoft Edge new to provide the basic features that users expect from a modern browser, including speed, reliability and support for plugins. Since it contains the same web engine used in Google Chrome, this version of the browser Microsoft Edge has already full support for add-ons Google Chrome the current. Microsoft is working also on the support of the synchronization register of the vote and favorite plugins via the Microsoft Edge.

Engineers Microsoft, Google with for improvements on the draft of the Chromium base, so that the browser can Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to provide users a better experience on Windows OS. Was accepted approximately 150 commitment of Microsoft Corporation in Chromium. For versions trial current available from the browser Microsoft Edge new, they accept the possibility of installation just copy 64bit English system Windows 10. Will Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and MacOS in the future.


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