Microsoft now allows players to broadcast computer games on Xbox One


Allow Microsoft now for your Xbox One broadcast games and computers on their device. They will be also able to use the hands to move to the games. This has become possible through the application has been updated recently supports Wireless Display. Allows users to run Steam or other games directly on the Xbox One.

That’s not all, you’ll be able to features the Xbox One also use the hand control Xbox Controller regular not only to control the computer remotely but also for the games that use them. They’ll be able to also use the hand control to provide presentations through the Xbox.

The application of Wireless Display makes it possible through the establishment of a connection Miracast between the computer and Xbox One. Can the Kings of computer broadcast the games easily to the Xbox One using the button Windows + button P. There will be different modes in terms of speed of response to watch videos, play games from a computer remotely. However, keep in mind that the application will not be allowed to broadcast local content such as Netflix.

Microsoft has tested this application with members of the Windows Insider a few months ago under different names. Now, the company has launched this application under the name of the Wireless Display to all owners of Xbox One. However, it should be noted that the app does not support keyboard and mouse, so it will not be possible to use these accessories for the at the games when they are broadcast from the computer to the Xbox One.

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