Microsoft now allow broadcasting of games the PC on the Xbox One

Will Microsoft now users of the Xbox One streaming games the hardware on the Xbox One with their own the possibility of using controllers to play them. Where will be the application of Wireless Display of Microsoft the possibility of Game games Steam or any games again on the Xbox One.

It uses the Wireless Display feature Miracast create a connection between the case and the Xbox One, you can connect to the Xbox using the winkey + P. There are also different modes to play or stream videos on the device, the app is perfect if you want to broadcast video on the Xbox, however will not be able to broadcast content protected like Netflix.

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It was the application of Wireless Display available in the lab for several months with different names, but was released officially for all owners of Xbox One. Among the names that have been renamed for this application; Connect on Windows, if a custom application for the Surface Hub, and Microsoft has added to support mouse, keyboard and stylus through the app to connect and control the device, and now, the company added support for the console version of the Xbox.

But unfortunately, not the application supports the input of Mouse and keyboard, so I won’t be able to broadcast games the PC on the Xbox and use the conventional input at the current time. May change that later, where Microsoft has recently provided keyboard support keyboard and mouse for Xbox One late last year for a number of games.


I know of

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