Microsoft lost the advantages of the intelligent Mail Outlook Web

مايكروسوفت تضيف مزايا ذكية لبريد اوت لوك على الويبMicrosoft lost the advantages of the intelligent Mail Outlook Web

Microsoft lost the advantages of the intelligent Mail Outlook Web

Company seeks Microsoft to put a new touch of artificial intelligence in a copy of her e-mail on the web as announced today via its official website.

The new addition, which will be available to everyone next week, aims to facilitate the scheduling of meetings between the teams, and prepare the good.

Detailed as the company explained, will be to collect all available information before the meeting, will be the artificial intelligence also collects all the information related to the previous meetings as soon as the end of the meeting.

Will the files that have been shared via email or SharePoint or OneDrive, in addition to emails concerning the meeting and the notes and the content that was shared during the meeting, to include all the facts and files in front of those gathered, before and after the meeting.

Other features include the option to reply new intelligent allows you to immediately begin scheduling a meeting, this will serve to create a Smart Reply feature that was announced in September of last year, but it will be now when the user may want to schedule a meeting and provide this option automatically.

If you are scheduling meetings with several people, you now get suggestions time to take into consideration when all participants have available, and will update the proposals for the site also for free rooms can be used for the meeting.

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