Microsoft launches Xbox One Console Streaming for Android phones

Xbox One Console Streaming

Detection product manager at Microsoft today that all testers of users of the Xbox One Born in the United Kingdom and the United States of America they can experience the feature broadcast of the new games. Using your Android device, you can broadcast the game directly from your Xbox One to your.

The best part is that the feature works with all the Games Xbox One and Xbox 360 installed on a Xbox One Your without any restrictions.

There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to use the water. First of all, you need to Android device because Microsoft didn’t reveal any plans to bring the feature to iOS devices. Secondly, you will need to NAT to open or moderate, the speed of lifting up to 4.75 megabits per second at least but it would be better if the speed was higher than 9 Mbps. Must be the time of access to the network is 128 fraction of a second or less to get the experience of the game is perfect, and you must set your Xbox One on the option to Instant-On in the list of boot options.

In relation to the requirements of the smart phone, regardless of age running Android 6.0 or higher version, then you need to support Bluetooth 4.0, unity Wireless Controller working via Bluetooth connect with smart phone and the Xbox Game Streaming demo available on the Google Play Store.

As we have explained to you before, this feature is only available to testers first, so you can say it’s under the preview currently, and will be for the users soon.

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