Microsoft launches photo editor icons for users of Xbox Insiders

مايكروسوفت تطلق محرر للصور الرمزية لمستخدمي Xbox Insiders

After weeks of leaks about the updated version of the Avatar or avatars on Xbox deferral ongoing from the company to launch the new version, Microsoft has finally launched a special editor images avatar users today.

Andthe company announced in its website announced the launch of a version for fans of Avatar images for users of Xbox Insiders where they’ll be able to change their sound in a new way and Vitality through the editor, which was launched by the company with the new update.

Users can with the new update to change the image of their avatar or the Avatar in a distinctive way with many options to get the image to suit the user.

The company says that the new airport will provide many options for in avatar, where the user will be able to change the color of the skin and hair, clothes, sex, and other things simple with the possibility of buying other items through the store to make the picture better.

Recall that the new update from Microsoft-under-test and the company will add more updates after the completion of the trial period.

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