Microsoft launches mobile apps News new smart Hummingbird

مايكروسوفت تُطلق تطبيقها الإخباري الجديد والذكي Hummingbird

From Google News to the news Apple to Facebook feeds, and Twitter all trying to make something great for users through to find the news they want to read it, but the exchange reports that a few of these services are approaching this thing, Microsoft is one of the companies that enter the competition through the application of its new Hummingbird available exclusively on the Android operating system.

Currently the app is only available in the states are limited but we have provided you a link to download the file it the APK that you find at the bottom, generally immediately charged to investigate’ll be prompted to login via your Microsoft account or LinkedIn, but you can go ahead and commit to this, then you will be prompted mandatory for the preparation of more from the list of topics that interested them.

Unlike Google News won’t be able to move to well-liked options the likes of team or player sports a certain company or one celebrity, instead you get general categories such as Celebrity Cruises, road and news of all kinds, and after a preparation of more updated feeds with articles that usually would be interested in it, and when you click on the Options button you will be able to save the article or share it or simply block all news from this source.

Besides the abstracts, there is a tab search and tab the “Me” that takes you to view topics and articles saved as well as the record, finally Of of the most notable characteristics of the application is the introduction of artificial intelligence, in this regard, Microsoft says that the application by The Hummingbird will improve over time, where you will learn about more articles and topics you care about.

Now, if you are still looking for the application to tell me nicely, try to apply Hummingbird and you can download it by going to his page on the store Google Play from here, or in the case of non-support for you simply carry it with the APK from here.

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