Microsoft launches extra (Windows Defender) surfers Chrome and Firefox

مايكروسوفت تطلق اضافة (Windows Defender) لمتصفحي كروم وفايرفوكسMicrosoft launches extra (Windows Defender) surfers Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft launches extra (Windows Defender) surfers Chrome and Firefox

I know the Microsoft Corporation from the launch to add new security dedicated surfers Google Chrome and Firefox, which are extra as appears from its name (Windows Defender) care about maintaining the safety of the user during browsing.

According to Microsoft, is working to add Windows Defender to protect your device from attacks advanced by redirecting untrusted web sites to the version isolated from a browser Microsoft Edge through virtualization technology Hyper-V.

If it turns out that the Website is not reliable and harmful, it remains within the container application is safe, while keeping your device and your data, while web sites are reliable, according to the definition of Information Technology Policy, continue to open this browser, and if not the Website is reliable, you can use this supplement to open it manually in hearing protection applications isolated.

Extra custom currently to issue a Windows 10 demo (Preview Build 18358) which will be sent permanently to all users within days .

After the discovery of a loophole in the Chrome browser : Google advises to quickly update to Windows 10

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