Microsoft launches added protection of the Defender to chrome and Firefox

Microsoft launched a new update to the Windows 10 operating system available to try it now, with the announced availability of adding special mesh chrome and Firefox offer Service protection Defender.

The addendum is now available for users of experimenters and soon will be available to everyone and operate on the browsers listed in the same way as its operation via the browser Edge. The addendum on the examination of links to web pages that are accessible and found the link to the site is not trusted, they will do it via a special version of the browser Edge in a way sandbox sandboxed, which allows to isolate it from the rest of the components of the operating system to prevent the spread of viruses.

Show Add icon that can be accessed through it, and you can also call the add entry to Web page link a particular suspect.

If you’re in a hurry to experience the addendum you can use them with the version number 1803 or higher of Windows 10 will need the Pro version or corporate version and then downloaded from the following links according to your browser is required.

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