Microsoft launched the console game Forza Android smartphone

Microsoft has shared its vision for the future of the gaming industry, but rather how we are going to play games in the near future. For some time in the company working on cloud gaming services, which was named Project xCloud, and now we even have the opportunity to look at how it looks live, not in theory.

The first demo of the new gaming service, you can see in the video above. This gameplay video shows how a console game Forza Horizon 4 that runs on special hardware in the date center, shown on screen Android-smartphone, which Bluetooth connected the Xbox One controller.

“Wherever you have a good network connection, you can use xCloud Project”, — said in the video, the head of cloud gaming service Microsoft, Karim Chowdhury (Kareem Choudhry). While Forza Horizon 4 is a demanding game, and not for games such a tiny device, this scenario is not only possible.

Chapter service Project xCloud compared with streaming music or video services, so as to project from Microsoft will use the same system, as these services – from any device that has Internet connection and a screen, you will be able to connect to the xCloud Project, go to your game library and launch any of them.

Given the fact that all games service will run on the same hardware that is used in consoles, the company can not survive that kind of game will not be available to those who have no fresh console, but there is a subscription service. The company promises the same games in the service, that on consoles, without the need for additional efforts on the part of developers to port.

When Microsoft said that is not going to stop the development of next-generation consoles and although the service and going to be a competitor for game consoles the company in the future the existence of one without the other is impossible. Public tests of a new gaming service xCloud Project is expected to begin later this year.

Have you ever tried similar services (Playkey or PlayInCloud)? How do you mean the future of gaming?

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