Microsoft knows to its employees a new Surface with two screens, according to a new report

Microsoft Edge

I hesitated on many occasions in the past that Microsoft is working on a new Surface double screen. Having said that, has now released a new report indicates that Microsoft began to offer such a device the employees within the company. Reportedly, it has the company held the event internally, as displayed on the staff machine as the suspense of what will happen in the future of the group Surface.

Noted the rumors at the outset that this device is similar to smart phones folding current. However, refers site The Verge that this is not a device introduced by Microsoft employees.

The reputation of the writer from his sources that the staff have formed a ” long queues ” just take a look at this new device which was apparently a prototype for Centaurus. Indicated earlier rumors that the Centaurus is a laptop computer featuring two screens and works by the light of the Windows system. It may become the gold standard for laptops, dual screen, at least that’s what she’s hoping Microsoft Corporation.

It may not be long before Microsoft launches this device. The report states that the company may launch laptop hybrid Centaurus in the next six months. It is clear that it will be released to the market under a different name, but it is likely to be part of a Surface which is as large in all parts of the world.

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