Microsoft issue add protection from online threats the Chrome browser

The new addition named Windows Defender Browser Protection will protect you from online threats such as phishing Web sites and malicious.

It is no secret the great interest which he took Microsoft to the Android system, which shows clearly through the section of the Microsoft Garage which is responsible for the development of applications and innovative services of the operating system in all over the place, but when it comes to security and Protection, the Microsoft is betting heavily on the techniques of Windows Defender that are available within its system operating Windows 10 browser by the For Web Microsoft edge Edge and their other products.

Recognizing that there are very few people are using the browser by Edge, the company has take one more step and tool security from the Edge to Google Chrome on the form add the browser called Windows Defender Browser Protection dedicated to those who chose to use the Google Chrome browser.

This Add-On provides real-time protection against a variety of threats online like phishing attacks, Web sites and harmful, given that the security options that are already available on the Chrome to protect users from unsafe websites and others, it is not entirely clear what the target of the Addendum.

It seems that Microsoft is preparing the results of the tests in 2017 issued by the company NSS Labs, which claims that the browser by the Edge offers much better protection than the Google Chrome browser Chrome Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, where indicated, those tests that feature of Windows Defender within the browser Edge protection against phishing attacks by 99 percent compared with the protection Chrome of 87 percent, protection Firefox of 70 percent.

According to Microsoft, the Addendum is constantly looking for links to malicious web browsing, with the display alert when there is a match with its database, for example they are trying to links to email messages, spoofed websites, which trick users to install malware on the computers of their own in order to gain access to personal information and financial details.

In the case of the Addendum, which you can get for free through this link, and prevent you from access to the site wish to visit, you can turn them off by clicking on the button which refers to “protection against suspicious websites and malicious”, as it includes the warning a link to the statement the privacy of Microsoft, according to the fact that like this add-on monitors your browsing activities.


Source: Microsoft issued add protection from online threats the Chrome browser

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