Microsoft is working to create a special Windows devices folding

According to her website The Verge , Microsoft is working to create a copy of the new windows to run on devices folding as well as for devices that have a screen display, according to a source close to The briefed location on this information, the company will exploit the system run by other Suface on that side of his being will become the technologies of the future which is a wide field and whatever you invest.

Where Microsoft is working to create the windows for the devices with folding in addition to working classes have become appropriate to work on these devices, it is worth mentioning that the company had made several tests of this system on the device by the dual screen, which holds the symbolic name Andromeda over the past two years, and it has Microsoft in partnership with Intel and some other manufacturers to prepare for the experiences of the future in this regard.

In Don’t hide from everyone the degree of competition faced by Microsoft regarding Windows on work on hardware folding and other general network dual, being the company Google was racing in the in the frame and provided several models to support these devices earlier in the year and to exploit the tension system landed on smart phones for various companies especially those models that started to emerge recently which can be converted from a phone into a tablet.

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