Microsoft is working on the launch of your new Xbox One just

Before E3 for the games, there were rumors that Microsoft intends to launch the device my X Facebook, and Microsoft revealed officially about the Project Scarlett is on what looks like it’s coming for us with one and not two.

According to rumors and leaks the new Microsoft will focus on one device with the specifications of the Pioneer. If we talk about the symbolic names it will be the device which carries the codename Anaconda comes with technical specifications, high compared with a Lockhart weaker in terms of specifications and much cheaper of course.

We don’t know exactly what happened and the opinion of the special Microsoft that the device is cheaper, it depends on the cloud gaming mainly and therefore rely on the processor device was in the simplest tasks.

But it seems that the developers opinion of the assistant here where to the task of developing games to run well on the device harder to make it on only one machine, where it is the development to fit on the device at least the specifications and then raise its potential to the top.

Also with the improvement of the possibilities of xCloud and its ability to secure higher quality games and experience the best of the hand response speed, the device will Lockhart has become a constraint on Microsoft, so I decided to give it up.

Is expected to launch a new Xbox coming in the holiday season next year 2020 in conjunction with the launch of the game Halo Infinite.

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