Microsoft is working on technology for free of payment terminals such as Amazon Go

Amazon Go

The Amazon company opened its first store Amazon Go to him earlier this year. It’s a grocery store, general store customers can shop without having to wait in line to pay for purchases in cash. They just head to the store, and they take the things they want and then they go out. Developed Amazon’s cutting edge technology backed with scanning sensors to track what you put in the bag before you get out of the store, and raise the invoice automatically on Amazon account. Having said that, has released today a new report says that Microsoft is working on a similar technology can provide to retailers wishing to create their own stores that do not respond payment of cash or through credit cards or smart phones.

Reported news agency Reuters that Microsoft was in discussions with Walmart about the use of their own technology to make its stores do not use customer demand payment in the traditional methods mentioned above. Reportedly, the company hired a specialist in computer vision was working on a project for Amazon Go, it is believed that it chooses to attach cameras shopping carts in order to track material. Some museums partnership has already built a system of automated payment on top of their services to the cloud.

What is not disclosed by the report is the type of technology that would be used by Microsoft for its sensors, but may be relying on technology such as the Kinect and Azure, knowing that he was actually the design of the fourth generation of the technology of Kinect to be used with the services of artificial intelligence Azure AI for human beings.

While the company requires Amazon to open stores Amazon Go new in all of Chicago and San Francisco this year, it remains to see when will you become Microsoft technology ready to hit the field.


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