Microsoft is working on prototypes to the hands gaming console for mobile devices


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the broadcast service games demo own which bear the name of the Project xCloud. The idea is that since all computing tasks and most of the hard work is done remotely on the servers of the company, it means that he technically can play all the games on all types of devices, including mobile devices.

However, while mobile gaming is very popular, there are some games that benefit from input devices, such as keyboards and policies hands to talk. Training company Microsoft because according to a new report released recently from the site Windows Central, it seems that the company is working on prototypes of the hands control the Xbox Controller can be used with portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

This to paper has been discovered recently which suggest that Microsoft’s deal with the idea of creating the hands for in games for mobile devices. In fact, I went to Microsoft to print samples using printing technology three-dimensional. As explained by the site Windows Central, this is not the effort of a new Microsoft, but it seems to be the last success for the home consoles such as the Nintendo Switch may push Microsoft to reconsider their earlier efforts.

However, companies such as Microsoft to explore ideas varied from time to time, so there is no guarantee that what we see will become a reality. In the meantime, if you are of people who are looking for hands control that can be used with smart phones, there are a lot of options for third-party there, so if Microsoft will enter the market with a hand control, you’ll encounter a lot of competition.



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