Microsoft is working on issuing a special version of the game Minecraft supports augmented reality technology

Microsoft is currently working on a special version of the game Minecraft new for iOS and Android, which revised the statute of the famous game to the real world.

After the announcement of the name of the game earlier this month, revealed the company currently unveiled Minecraft Earth which is scheduled to hit beta this summer.

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Will bring new game experience augmented reality style game Pokémon Go to allow players to cooperate with others in real time and cover the surrounding environment of the entire world of Minecraft.

Currently there are 91 million active players on Minecraft, so there’s a lot of potential if the company has made Microsoft a huge success this free new game. Said Game Director Torfi Olafsson she’s going to be “very familiar” to the players current Minecraft.

Added Olafsson also, that the game is built on a Bedrock of current, so you’ll be familiar extremely have the current players, as they will include all the elements of the current game, including the machinery and the flow of the water and dropping the sand, in addition to creatures, animals, buildings and worlds.

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