Microsoft is working on a re-design assistant Cortana on mobile phones

مايكروسوفت تعمل على إعادة تصميم مساعدها كورتانا على الهواتف المحمولة

It seems that Microsoft does not write the manner in which works by her personal assistant Cortana “Cortana” on mobile phones, where there will be an update of the perpetrator to the investigation adds a lot of additions and new options will soon be available on both Android and iOS, specifically on the version of Cortana 3.0 template.

In relation to the new which is now available on the beta version of the app, will update the user interface to enable experiences of communication with Cortana and to manage the devices connected with it as well as the preparation of the new interface, it will prompt the plugin to listen to music and podcasts while commuting, so when the demand of the plugin in the run files using Spotify and iHeartRadio and TuneIn on your phone or even through a Bluetooth device proposals.

Also will Cortana create meetings and set reminders and set the time via audio, and finally support to join the meetings of the following in Skype or Teams directly, in turn, as we have previously reported this update is currently available in the demo version course, to be made available the update to everyone over the next few days or weeks.

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