Microsoft is working on a new browser similar to Google Chrome

مايكروسوفت تعمل على متصفح جديد شبيه بجوجل كروم


It seems that the adjective recognize the existence of a problem and it is one of the most representative of that enjoyed by one of the major software industry companies in the world and the American company “Microsoft”, recognition by the failure of its own web browser, “the Microsoft Edge” needs to great courage from a company its size.

Has Microsoft officially announced the full exploitation of the Internet browser of the current “edge” and a new browser alternative to on system Windows 10, according to the report, the new browser holds the name of the software Cody ” Anaheim” and is based on the engine “Chromium” software browser Google months Global is currently the most frequently used Google Chrome.

Depends browser Edge on the editor software called “EdgeHTML,” which has not achieved any success since his arrival operating system Windows 10 in 2015 according to the latest statistic published by the “StatCounter” , users of Microsoft’s browser not to 2% of the total internet surfers, while getting the Chrome browser with Google on nearly 62 % of the number of users around the world.

May mean the use of Microsoft for Chromium final disposal of the big performance problems that were exposed to the browser engine, the old thing was is the main reason why it took a lot of browser Microsoft pitch Paige.

Let’s go back to the brave of Microsoft to recognize the problems faced by, for example, when the company decided us to abandon the system, they run Windows Phone, which was custom devices PDA handheld and decided to buy a line of mobile phones company Nokia , the Finnish, which was loss making in the smartphone market by less than 2% pushing the company Microsoft after buying the shares of Nokia in the amount reached more than US $ 7 billion to abandon her name and sell them in the deal described it as one of the largest losses incurred by the company Microsoft.

The losses create the company Microsoft shares a pittance for a company FIH, a subsidiary of Foxconn as The arrived at the latest amount regarding $ 500 million just in this way, the company has lost billions in exchange for nothing but she admitted her fault in its entry into the smartphone market by Nokia at least.

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