Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate fee $ 15 per month

Pool company Microsoft services, Xbox Live Gold Game Pass in the package, new users know بXbox Game Pass Ultimate, to have this package to new users later this year a fee of $ 15 per month.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Gold and games for $15 a month

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Paid the software giant Pack Xbox Game Pass Ultimate new a specific group of members of the Xbox Insider, getting ready to launch a new package for users of the Game Pass in the markets of the world.

Come to both Xbox Live Gold Game Pass is now worth 180 dollars a year, where up the value of Xbox Live Gold to $ 60, while come Game Pass $ 120 annually, but that the software giant is trying to promote more serve Game Pass to attract more users of the service in general, and to attract members of Xbox Live Gold in particular.

From the other side Game provides Pass a set of possible games that reach more than 100 a game, where this service allows subscribers to download games or competition and experience different games, while the service allows Xbox Live Gold Development between a group of players on the internet, with the advantage of pay 4 free games to the subscribers monthly, with a range of monthly deals possible.

Recall that the announcement Microsoft recently announced the launch of the digital version full of Xbox One S which is available for sale on the 7th of May, also aims to activate the Game Pass and attract more users to subscribe to this service.


I know of

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