Microsoft is preparing its response foldable Samsung Galaxy Flex

Microsoft after the departure of Steve Ballmer from his post as Director and the arrival in his place of Satya Nadella quality products. A good example of how Microsoft has changed its approach to the development of the operating system is Windows 10. The system today is evolving as it must evolve, else the most proper way is hard even to think. Microsoft seriously reworked the design of the system, now its nice to use even for those who seriously question the appearance of the operating system.

In 2019, the device will release companies like LG, Huawei and Samsung. From today you can include more and Microsoft.

In the book “Beneath a Surface” from a journalist and employee of our Microsoft, Brad Sam, highlight some details regarding the upcoming Microsoft products. The book reveals details of the folding device Andromeda. Thus, the apparatus will be presented in 2019. The device can transform from a small smartphone to a full-fledged Surface tablet.

The source reported that the device will run on Windows Phone, however, this assumption is, in my opinion wrong, because the ideal option may just be full Windows 10, which is in unopened condition will be displayed in tablet mode, and the disclosure to become a full-fledged PC with the ability to connect a keyboard.

The book also reveals details on the new consoles Xbox One, laptop, Surface on AMD processors, the updated Surface Studio. And, also interestingly, in 2019, Microsoft can show the Surface Pro tablet with a thin frame, he should become an alternative to the Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

A few days ago the world media reported that the capitalization of Microsoft for several minutes exceeded the capitalization of Apple. It only says that in the United States in the near future, Microsoft may become technomania number one.

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