Microsoft is preparing a response Fold Galaxy and Huawei Mate X, but in the form of computer

We didn’t have time to tell about how the head and founder of Microsoft bill gates in a recent interview admitted that she regretted that has allowed Android to go to the time to market of mobile operating systems from the pen of Google and become subsequently popular in the world among them, as there is about the company that created the same the world’s most popular OS, but for computers that was followed by another interesting news.

Foldable pocket PC from Microsoft may be able to run Android apps

The new material edition of Forbes argues that the coming of the foldable Surface PC from Microsoft, which, as it turns out, has been in development since late last year under the code name Centaurus, will be able to run Android applications. In addition, the report also lists some specifications, including screen size and the possible processor.

According to Forbes, foldable Microsoft Surface PC will be equipped with two 9-inch displays with an aspect ratio of 4:3, and 10-nm processor Intel Lakefield. Unfortunately, as confirms one insider, Centaurus is really a device based on Intel and has two separate display, not a single foldable display, like the recently announced folding PC from Lenovo.

Here special attention is to be paid to the Android app, as this is what previously has been reported in the form of rumors by different sources. Actually, this rumor has been more than a year since the first folding pocket PC from Microsoft, codenamed Andromeda was mentioned in the network about a year ago. Because Andromeda and Centaurus are running the OS Windows Core, run Android applications on Centaurus also is not difficult, because these capabilities already developed for Andromeda. Of course, the question of whether Microsoft will add the ability to run these applications in your new PC, almost a million dollars.

Centuaurs can imagine in October and launch in the first half of the year 2020

Finally, Forbes notes that the device should appear on sale in the first half of the year 2020, which also confirms the independent insider. The article does not mention when will be the announcement of a new device, but there are rumors that Centaurus may receive at the October event dedicated hardware, perhaps as a kind of tantalizing the audience with add-ons or the full announcement along with Windows Lite.

Centuaurs is on the way and will be one of the first devices on Windows Lite that will be available to the General public. Windows Lite is a kind of Windows Core OS, along with other versions of Windows Core OS, which manage working 2 HoloLens, Surface Hub 2X and will work the next-gen Xbox. Windows Core is a new modern version of Windows with multiple hereditary components that, as stated by Microsoft, to provide high efficiency, smooth performance and a new user experience.

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