Microsoft is preparing a folding smartphone to the full Windows 10?

It’s finally happened. On smartphones running the full version Windows 10 began to speak. So, one of the Microsoft developers on the website LinkedIn announced that it is working on processors and SD845 SDM1000 for PC, Andromeda and Hololens.

If laptops and Hololens are all clear, a matter of a project Andromeda. In the Network believe that we are talking about a folding smartphone Surface Phone. The device will be able to make calls and receive SMS messages.

The device can be very thin due to its form factor, the device’s processor is extremely powerful (more powerful than the Intel Y series and U) and large in size (20mm x 15mm), for example, the Snapdragon 835 dimensions: 12.4 mm x 12.4 mm. SMD1000 will be equal to the TDP of 6.5 W (and according to some 12 watts).

In my opinion, the output of a smartphone running a full version of Windows 10, which also may be turning to become a full-fledged tablet – is a victory. Recently, Microsoft no news, is there a reason to think about the fact that the company is preparing something big? Microsoft once left the smartphone market, but there is no doubt that they have ever let out.

According to the materials of phonearena

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