Microsoft is developing a streaming service of online games own


Services were broadcast online games available since a while, but demand is still limited, but it seems that many consumers prefer to buy their games vs Subscribe to such services. However, it seems that Microsoft will try to create a service broadcast online gaming.

On the website Xbox official, it is clear that Microsoft is developing a service to broadcast its own games so that they were on site monitoring the following phrase : ” ask Microsoft also innovations new to the state gaming digital forward, including FastStart, which is the innovation of the team of artificial intelligence Machine Learning Team, plans of team Gaming Cloud Team to develop the broadcast service games to open the possibility of playing the same quality of home consoles on any device “.

Details are scarce some thing at the moment, but given the wording the wording of the phrase, it seems like it means that players will be able to enjoy the games of Xbox One on any device, such as personal computers, or tablet devices, or smart phones, or maybe even other devices. Recently, we have seen how to use companies like Capcom broadcast via the Internet to get the game Resident Evil 7 to your Nintendo Switch.

We’ve also seen a company Valve launches the application Steam Link which is not a broadcast service for the games online, but it works in a similar way, where lets players run their games existing on their personal computers on their smartphones. Didn’t you tell us Microsoft about the material which will launch service to broadcast its own games, but we will continue to pursue this topic.



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