Microsoft is collaborating with stores to Albertsons to face Amazon in the grocery market

مايكروسوفت تتعاون مع متاجر Albertsons لمواجهة أمازون في سوق البقالة

Announced Microsoft on its collaboration with the group of companies Albertsons to provide technical and logistical support to the grocery store. in order to provide a unique experience and easy for the consumer to access there products through the use of digital systems in those stores, so in a time of a growing interest in the Amazon in the market of food grocery and orientation of the lathe on the number of companies working in this field as well as plan to open thousands of retail stores smart ” Amazon Joe” during the coming period.

And the cooperation mechanism in supply stores Albertsons mechanism of action list all the platform Microsoft 365 makes Azure backed because of the state of modern artificial intelligence and to provide support to the digital operations of existing business in order to facilitate the process for both staff and managers “customer” in all of the purchases and sales as well as reduce the time and effort both in the inventory of goods or in the consumer’s access what you want at the lowest possible period of time with reduced friction the traditional direct between the parties.

The deputy executive director for Albertsons that the process of cooperation with Microsoft will open the horizon for the company to improve the customer experience in its stores from the traditional pattern of digital through the use of technology and the Institute of artificial intelligence and automation on a large scale.

This is the first cooperation of Microsoft with specialized companies, grocery and provision goods they dealt last year with supermarket chain Kroger to bring digital techniques to follow are similar to those used in Amazon stores, as they had already collaborated with Walmart.

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