Microsoft is betting on artificial intelligence in its war on the news fake

When we talk about the news fake The to our mind many companies, most notably Google and Facebook and twitter, a company that manages the platform suffers from this problem strongly.

Facebook is suffering from the spread of the news is fake and his services like Instagram as well as WhatsApp, Google also suffers from the problem in search results and on YouTube as Twitter is to other is no exception.

But Microsoft is not in the first row of the defendants in the present time, although it her platform LinkedIn, which can spread fabricated news, especially in the field of business, along with the Bing search engine, which can display news and links to the stories fake.

Company giant Microsoft as its CEO “Satya waitress” on the development of the programme of artificial intelligence to deal with the news of counterfeit on the platform of their own search, Bing, and social gentleman. LinkedIn, as stated in the report of news agency “Ian”.

And the company is also establishing links with news outlets in order to show users the source of the news, as quoted by David hine, Advisor strategic policy at Microsoft, saying the Agency famous.

Commented Heinz on this issue: “you get a very high percentage of people on the news of facebook and YouTube (owned by Google), and need these functionality, the main problem in dealing with the news counterfeit. In the meantime, we must draw a line to give a lot of power to technology companies in order to find out what is served to users who are often directed to news fake the harm to democracy and civil society”.

“The whole idea is to build applications based on the artificial intelligence in a credible manner. With regard to the privacy of users, we need systems reliable of these techniques intends to transparency and protection.”

In a separate development, said Matt Winkler, Director of programmes at Microsoft, said that there is a shortage of talent in specialized artificial intelligence and that data is used appropriately in this area, according to the report of news agency PTI by the Chief Executive Officer.

There is a significant shortage in skills. A lot of people talking about it (artificial intelligence). A lot of people very excited, so then they want to go and make it real. Says Winkler, when they go to that they discover that there is a significant shortage in skills.

These include the problem of the first challenges facing Microsoft, which officially announced in recent weeks about their strategy to fight the news is fake through the exploitation of artificial intelligence.

In March at the “AI for All” in Bengaluru, Microsoft said it is working closely with its partners 650 in India in order to make available the potential of artificial intelligence to the police.

And invest Microsoft millions of dollars in artificial intelligence for reaching good solutions in order to fight the news is fake and the Elimination of the growing phenomenon that threatens the credibility of the electronic media.

And Microsoft is the meaning of solving this problem, especially since they are keen on the reputation of Bing in addition to LinkedIn and any services of the future will help to share news, links, articles, stories, news.

Industry news on the internet is important for these big companies that are competing for hosting, thanks to publishers on Facebook has managed the American company to keep users on its platform and open up debates about the news in turn a lot of publishers to the advertisers and promoters of the content their own way driven.

Google is the other benefit of the These of them of people on YouTube who have channels of news coverage in different areas, this coupled with it’s close relationship with publishers through different services, including Google News and search results and the Google Plus platform by advertising used to promote the news on their websites.

Microsoft Corporation is the other close from the publishers who flock to LinkedIn of them specialized in publishing news technical, economic and financial articles in entrepreneurship and e-commerce.

As they also have a engine ping in addition to the advertising platform and news ping are the platforms used by publishers and news items, articles and Stories relevant to the users and customers interested.


  • Fight news fake ping

Make Bing Instant Search results, which answer for questions posed by users in a search engine.

This feature is quite similar to what you are offering Google is the other, but both engines exposed to view instant answers is completely wrong and incorrect.

Nor is the verification of those answers, but the search algorithm is working on the automatically assigned preference as a result of search by many criteria, not including the credibility of the published article.

Microsoft confirmed it is working on making the immediate answers are good and credible, which is added in the conference the last on they would use artificial intelligence to provide search results clean and submit articles to newsletters which provide news as it is without any shading.

But the task is difficult, there is some news that comes with the opinion of the author or comment on them, as some news websites divide the news into two parts the first section to transfer the news as it is and the second display interaction or point of view.

As there are some issues where we have differences, such as studies that confirm that coffee is harmful while there are studies that say it is not, and should know the results of the research both perspectives of the best sources.

Consider Microsoft to show search results-free news fake as the chances of its good for Google.

Microsoft says they have a lot of data and are able to analyze and can be used to study user behaviour to see the news fake book in the search results.


  • Fight news fake on LinkedIn

On the other hand, Microsoft is working on the development of technologies that will help them in monitoring the news is fake and its claim on social networks.

Although LinkedIn did not clearly helps in blocking democracy, or spreading lies, widely only that he is responsible for the promotion of the news fake.

Will Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to image amended and the distinction between them and the real images in addition to discover the story that is posted on its platform which are fake and shaded.


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