Microsoft is asking its employees to move away from an “April Fool”

مايكروسوفت تطلب من موظفيها الابتعاد عن مقالب "كذبة أبريل"

Wait every year with the beginning of the month of April pranks and tricks based on what is known as the “April Fool”, which lasted for years, so long that a lot of people are don’t believe any information published at the beginning of the fourth month of the Gregorian year because of the prevalence of lying. Which make Microsoft asking their employees not to be dragged behind it.

And sent Microsoft a letter to its employees by Chris Kaposi, director of marketing at the company, tell them to stay away from the dumps April Fool in the company in order to avoid getting in other things unnecessary due to the nature of the article. And my nightmare future that available data confirm the weakness of the positive impact of this decision, and sometimes help to drag the subject to the trends of other.

This is a step characteristic of Microsoft as one of the most important technical companies, it is good to take the rest of the companies the same about April Fools.

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