Microsoft intends to support add-ons Chrome in version edge next


Microsoft confirmed its intention to support the new version of the browser by the edge of the building on the encases extras Chrome browser usual.

This is good news, too – if already achieved – to prevent he would like to move to the edge but it lacks the diversity of plugins, now you can easily transfer the same plugins that you use with Chrome to copy the new Edge will work without problems.

Of course it training it Microsoft and have faith about it, but there is no assurance currently. Microsoft had stated last week when announcing the new version of edge that there are internal adjustments you’ll find it on the browser within a year of its launch and, of course, include these adjustments supported add-ons Chrome.

It seems in the end that project Google open source encases triumphed even that Microsoft began to turn to him, but it remains the success of the edge that runs on the encases encumbered with extras Microsoft’s own that you won’t find it in Chrome or any other browsers work on encases.

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