Microsoft intends to project Chromium open source in the development of the browser by the edge

مايكروسوفت تعتمد مشروع Chromium المفتوح المصدر في تطوير متصفحها إيدج

Microsoft today announced some very important changes relating to the browser by the Microsoft Edge, where the company began to re-build their browser to now work on the project Chromium open-source officially after talking to a number of reports about it, the same web engine that supports browser Google Chrome, therefore this means that soon will run the edge through the engines Blink, V8, the JavaScript, this to be the very big move by Microsoft by joining the open source community.

“In the end, we want to make the web experience better,” this is new corporate vice president of Windows “atmosphere blue”, where completed his talk “will people who use the browser Edge facing improved with all web sites, with access to the best life possible from the battery and get the integration with all versions of Windows run”.

In addition, this change will not increase the brand of the browser, but will eventually show web sites are more consistent, but the important question here, is why now this step from Microsoft?

Of course the reason is due to the decline in market share for the browser Edge and large behind browser other Chrome, it is known that this step wasn’t in the moment, where almost a year ago thinking of Microsoft, as well as to all kinds of users call up their voices and improves the experience of browsing on Microsoft’s browser Edge.

However, this step also will be Browser adjustable via all supported versions of Windows, this means updated frequently and more than ever before, and therefore will not be linked with every major update to the Windows 10 system anymore.

As Microsoft announced about intention to launch the browser by the edge on the Mac OS, the real reason behind this step is not to grab more market share, but it’s about more making processes of development by the developers more easily, with reference to not having a specific date to see the browser on Mac but it is expected to be with the beginning of next year.

Finally I didn’t suggest that Microsoft’s schedule to begin work in the development of the browser Edge on the engine of the Chromium open-source, but without a doubt construction will begin early next year.

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