Microsoft intends to access hacker outlook the content of users ‘ messages

Sent to Microsoft last Sunday warning letters to a number of users of its service the postal overflowing leaking a number of their statements as a result of penetration hit the customer support service of yours, which is waiting for access to the data of the number of users of outlook including folder names and email address but they denied access to the content of the messages, which I think, unlike today.

In terms of the multiple messages to users affected by the hack a number of them alerted the arrival of the inventors, the content of the mail accounts in outlook, which in turn hit the 6% of service users according to website motherboard , which showed to bring the basis of Microsoft underestimated the hack when you select the transaction date from January 1 to March 31.

According to the site the accounts to Outlook for those users remained under the sway of the inventors for crossed six months has been used to reset the accounts iClould connected pipes stolen, the spokesman denied Microsoft to be the period arrived for six months, with the diversification they Russell were users involved in the problem and asked them guidance about the problem, but without mentioning the number of accounts affected by this hack.

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