Microsoft has overtaken Apple in terms of capitalization! Prepare for trouble

Apple a few months ago, in August of this year became the first company in the world with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion. However not for long music played. On 23 August, closings of trading, Apple’s stock was trading at $ 172,29. Currently the figures are slightly lower. Stocks continue to fall. Just a few weeks, Apple shares fell by 25%. Yeah, I Google things are also not very good, the company’s shares are down for a long time, but such a rapid fall as Apple for the last time, no one was observed. Against the background of falling shares declined and the capitalization of Apple.

Of course we analyzed the capitalization of Apple and Microsoft. At present, Apple’s capitalization is equal to 817 billion dollars, and Microsoft 791 billion. However, colleagues from BGR misleading about capitalization 746 billion dollars in the case of Apple and 753 billion dollars from Microsoft at the time of writing, November 23.

Essentially it does not change. Apple continues to fall on speculation that weak sales of iPhone and XR official statement on the termination of disclosure of information about iPhone sales. Such events are clearly not satisfied with the company’s shareholders. Apple probably is not the company that makes shareholders believe in it.

Amid weak interest in XR the iPhone Apple was forced to resume production of the iPhone X, in order to somehow compensate for poor sales.

In recent years, many declare the beginning of the crisis in the US economy, so it is possible that one of the reasons is not very stable situation around Apple is the looming crisis.

In truth, the situation is no surprise. This was to be expected against the background of rise in price of many products of the company. Consumers will not find a cheaper MacBook s, they won’t find and cheap iPhone. The typical buyer of Apple products should earn a lot of money to buy products to the value of $ 1,000. So Apple, wanting to increase profits, decided to move away from the mass market, which led to a drop in sales and loss of investor confidence.

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